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About Us

CommsLight Pte Ltd is a consulting and integrated solutions company offering cutting-edge technical solutions primarily to wireless and mobile communication customers and marketing of high technology products in the international markets. Its founder has 20 years of experience in the mobile cellular arena, working in diverse environments in both consultancy and carrier business. He brings with him a wealth of technical and management knowledge in the mobile wireless business.

The company is setup with a strong management conviction and dedication with significant experience in the telecommunication, information technology and customer support industry.

The management team has a demonstrated track record of running and operating companies in this industry. In addition, the company will continue to hire key competent management employees and plan to further increase the total staff headcount. The company also plans to expand the geographic scope of the operations.

Goals and Strategies

Our Vision

To be an Inspirational Force in the Growth and Prosperity of our Clients through an Unrivalled Offering of Services, Solutions and Products

Our Mission

 * To provide an unsurpassed Customer Experience through high quality professional service offering and value-for-money products

 * To provide an unparalleled “Employer-of-Choice” environment through empowerment and inspirational leadership

Our Values

The company shall embrace the following values in the marketplace, viz.:

Love (love our job and the people we work with regardless of background)

 Joy (carry with us a happy and joyful spirit)


* Peace (live in peace with everyone including our competitors and clients)


Patience (be patient with everyone; acknowledging that different people and companies have different tolerance towards needs and time)


Kindness (be kind to those who are in need; do not decline to extend our help)


Goodness (make good every promises with honesty and integrity)


* Faithfulness (be faithful to our values, customers and everyone in the value chain)


Gentleness (show gentleness to everyone)


Self-Control (exercise self-control and self-discipline in dealing with people; always put ourselves in the shoes of others)

Contact Us

For enquiries and discussion, please e-mail

Alternatively, you may call Foo Shih Suan at (65)-96640999.

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